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Xiaomi Mi 70MAI Smart Dash Camera


The 70 MAI Dash Camera is a car DVR of modern generation. Special algorithms are based on extensive data training and can recognize the speech and different accents. Support voice control. The camera has a wide angle of view and can record the video even in low-light conditions. With special application you will get free access to your recorded content.

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Smart Voice Interaction, Recording Becomes More Simple

More Powerful Voice Control, More Driving Pleasure
Voice Controls Basic Function Setting, Photography and video. Free Your Hands From Now On!

  • Take picture
  • Record video
  • Record with / without sound
  • Turn on / off Wi-Fi

Accurate Speech Recognition

AIl integrated algorithms are based on extensive data training. Regardless of accents or language, speech recognition is not an issue.


Full 1080P HD
The picture details are clearly visible

The Mstar image processing chip offers high fidelity h.264 video compression encoding storage resulting in a clear,
high-definition video.

Sony IMX 323 High sensitivity sensor
Enhance image quality in the dark light environment.

Full glass lens- This CAM doesn’t experience “soft focus” in the high temperatures.
70MAI intelligent recorder equipped has multiple sets of full glass spherical lenses. Each lens has 7 layer coatings, which
significantly increases the light transmittance, reduces reflectivity, and creates high-quality images.

Full glass lens– Don’t have the soft focus in the high temperature.

70MAI intelligent recorder equipped with multiple sets of full glass spherical lenses. Each lens has 7 layer coatings, which
significantly increases the light transmittance, reduces reflectivity, and brings an achievement of high-quality images. It doesn’t
have the soft focus in the high temperature.

130 ° big wide vision– Cover multiple lanes.

130° big wide vision—Multi-lane coverage.
The 130° of viewing capacity can cover the entire front end of your car, and three lanes (the driving lane and lane to each side).
If an accident occurs, the Dash Cam will automatically record the adjacent lane conditions.

Automatically record the video in an emergency, and allow
for a review of the incident.

With today’s road conditions and possible road-rage incidents, you can now automatically record video. These videos can be
important for police reports, accident reports and insurance claims. This system has an adjustable sensitivity setting and built-in
gravity sensor that can automatically record video which is even MORE important if involved in an accident.

Support the wireless interconnection, viewing the video with
the mobile phone in real time, and downloading the video.

By downloading our APP and accessing WIFI, you can view your Dash Cam video in real-time. You can also watch historical
footage and even download your important pictures/video to your cell phone. This process is super simple and
does not use your SIM card.

Electrostatic adhesion + high temperature adhesive Durable

The electrostatic adhesion installation is more durable compared to traditional installation and, effectively avoids the risk of damage in the high temperature conditions. Indent handling does not leave an impression and protect the car’s overall appearance. The bracket supports rotation and allows for a variety of angles to insure the best picture angle is available.

The bracket supports rotation and satisfies different angles

The stents of the original recorder support small amplitude rotation, which can support the leaning angle of the window of different car models and ensure that the shooting angle is in the best position.


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